NASS have now started announcing there acts! Enter Shikari and Roni Size and more. watch the video for the full line up! tickets on sale now.

What does everybody think of the new Proper bike co Vanguard sprocket? Myself personally Think it’s one of the nicest ones yet, sure street riders will be all over them.

“The Vanguard Sprocket is the latest edition the Proper sprocket range, it is a full bashguard sprocket with 4 rotation points, it comes in 25T, 27T, 28T and in black, high polish, blood red and dark blue.

We thought very carefully about the sizes, the 27T is for those who want to run a slightly bigger gear size but still wants to go crooked grinds, 27T is the maximum size you can go and still give good clearance.

The Vanguard sprocket sprocket fits half link chains and comes with a 23.8mm bore with 22mm and 19mm adapters, meaning it will fit most cranks.”

Over on The Merged website they caught up with Chris Moeller, Owner of S&M and talk about Intergrated headsets. From experience working in a bicycle shop this is really on point. mountain, road and other bikes are a pain in the A** to find headsets and BB’s for.. BMX is simple. this is 100% worth a read. click here to read the full write up.

Check out this cool Camo colour way Profile worked with Mark Mulville to come up with to celebrate his 15th year riding for profile! check out the full write up here on the Profile site.

So you’ve seen the teaser video for the WTP Reason complete for 2015 with Micheal Curley, now it’s time to take a look at the Arcade complete bike with Pete Sawyer!

This is pretty awesome. Mike Laird now has a website where you can make a fully custom BMX frame. I’m not sure if he ships them to the UK but if he does I think this is on the cards for my next frame! shame I just bought a new one! Click here to check his website out and all the cool custom features you can use to make your personal frame.

If you missed the Rebel Jam 2014 finals yesterday you can watch the whole thing by clicking here!

Massive congratulations to Alex Donnachie for winning Rebel Jam 2014. really deserved win and stoked for him!
Vans rebeljam 2014 Winners

1st Place – Alex Donnachie UK
2nd Place – Garrett Reynolds USA
3rd Place – Alex Kennedy UK

Special Awards
Creativity Award – Bruno Hoffman DE
Style Award – Kevin Kalkoff FR
Hardest Trick Award Joris Coulomb FR

Shadow supreme chain to be released Saturday, December 6th.Pretty sure I spoke to Seventies and they said they weren’t releasing this chain until next year so this could be just in the USA. but if it isn’t it good news! Click Here for the full write up on the shadow site.

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Wednesday 13 August: Boardmasters has confirmed all ticket holders will be refunded the face value of their Sunday ticket after the event on Sunday 10 August was cancelled because of extreme winds caused by ex-Hurricane Bertha. As Boardmasters operates a tiered ticketing system, refunds will be remunerated accordingly to the ticket purchased. The value of […]