So you’ve seen the teaser video for the WTP Reason complete for 2015 with Micheal Curley, now it’s time to take a look at the Arcade complete bike with Pete Sawyer!

I’ve always been a fan of Adam LZ’s video’s and his clothing so it was really interesting watching a day in the life with him! looking like he has allot of fun and is such a talented rider.

Even if you didn’t miss Rebel Jam 2014 I’m sure you’d love to see the best and craziest moments once again!

If you missed the Rebel Jam 2014 finals yesterday you can watch the whole thing by clicking here!

Aaron Ross riding dirt is not a thing you hear of everyday! he fully goes for it and is pretty good at riding them!

Proper Bike co team had a trip around a few UK cities.. Bradford, Birmingham, Coventry and more. looked like it was a really successful trip and they managed to come back with this boss of a edit!

Connor Lodes and Barcelona is a good mix! stoked for Connor getting onto thje KINK BMX team!

Roy Van Kempen has just been put on the Vans team! check out this crazy good welcome edit with the craziest grinds and rail rides.


Pretty cool way to show off your new 2015 bike line up in one video!